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Entry #2

The History of Newgrounds...

2008-08-27 16:19:35 by neojim88

It's always amazed how much history there is behind this site, and how it keeps expanding, growing and drawing in new 'Newground-ers' every day... or so it seems. I'm relatively new to the site, in comparison to its growing life time, and I always seem to find some flash that has had an historic imprint on the site... for example I only found out a couple of weeks ago the true origins of the 'Clock Crew'. I was amazed! Or, or how Pico originated... it's all really cool stuff, in my eyes anyway ^_^. Any thought's? Any other series or flashes which have changed the face of Newgrounds? Where will it go next?...

And, of course, TANKMEN is the Shiz! Genius! Well Done Mr. Utah


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2008-08-27 16:23:52

you know ive been on this site for years now and ive never really took time to look at it that way, so newgrounds isnt just about cock jokes,

thanks :)